Sunday, 30 November 2014

Writefor THE on-line writing course for beginners


       Novelist Pamela Fudge tells us about some of the fun she had getting her on-line writing course started

How do you get an on-line writing course off the ground? Well, if you’re sensible (and me!) you go into partnership with an ex-student, Richard, from your time as a creative writing tutor. Ensure the partner has the business brain that you lack and that your ideas coincide.

My daughter, Kelly, was happy to get involved and the idea of using video clips was suggested! Photographs are one thing – all you have to do is look your best and smile nicely for the camera. Video clips mean you have to move and speak (and both at the same time!). I also had to memorise a script - a lot to ask of someone who rarely remembers what she had for breakfast.

Cue cards were the answer, but sticking them to the wall above Kelly’s head meant I was looking up instead of at the camera. Luckily we’re nothing if not inventive and the solution was to blu-tack the two sheets to Kelly’s elbows either side of the camera she was holding. When we stopped laughing it was quite successful. However, the next clip comprised four sheets and we only had two elbows available.

Using a broom handle gave us plenty of pole to stick sheets to, but having Kelly in front of me holding the camera in one hand and moving the pole upwards to keep the sheets at eye level, while clever, was hilariously funny and filming had to halt many times until we managed to get a useable version.

You can see the result on
If you’ve always wanted to write but don’t know where to start, this is the course for you!

If you never write the first sentence, you will never write ‘The end.’ (Pamela Fudge)

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