Friday, 21 November 2014

Reluctant For Romance published in USA

She meant to give him a piece of her mind…but lost a piece of her heart.

Yeah! Today is publication day for ‘Reluctant For Romance’ as an e-book with the American publisher, Samhain, in the Retro Romance imprint. £1.26

Carly Ray intended to march right up to Declan O’Halloran and tell him exactly what she thinks of the man whose careless driving put her mum in a Dorset hospital. But from the moment she sets foot on his building company’s work site, she’s off balance.

First of all, muddy, rock-strewn ground and power heels don’t mix. Second, the man she confronts? She’s seen those compelling, aquamarine eyes before—when he personally delivered flowers to Mum’s hospital room.

It’s Declan’s fault that Carly has to jeopardize her career to take over the care and feeding of three spoiled brothers who’ve never lifted a finger around the house. But she never expected him to offer her a job.

In spite of herself, Carly begins to fall for the kind, rugged entrepreneur. The trick will be convincing her heart she can live without him when Mum is back on her feet, and it’s time to return to London.

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