Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Keep on writing!

I think I said in an earlier post that I was a writer and not much of a blogger, so I'm staying true to form. However, I'm not a recluse and I had a great time at the RNA Romantic Novel of the Year event in London on 17th March. Lovely to meet the authors who were shortlisted in each category - especially as I was the RoNA Organiser this time around and knew there would have been no winners if I hadn't sent all the books out to our army of readers for scoring - with a bit (lot!) of help from my assistant, Nora Fountain.

My next outing was to do a talk to media students at Bournemouth University on writing short fiction for publication - which is how I started this whole writing thing. Not sure how - or indeed why - I made the leap from 1,000 word stories to 100,000 word novels but it seemed like a good idea at the time. With my eleventh novel, It's In The Cards, due to be published December 2014 I think I can safely say it was one of my better ideas.

Meantime, my first mainstream novel, Widow On The World, published in 2006, is now available on Kindle. Yes, it is about a widow, but no, it isn't a sad book - far from it - and it's a novel that I'm still very proud of.

Finally, I'm so happy to say that my current work in progress (new novel) is now complete - or as complete as a novel can be before the edit (which is actually my favourite bit!) so watch this space.

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