Friday, 26 July 2013

Exciting Times!

Today the complimentary copies of my new novel, Not What It Seems, arrived from my publisher, Robert Hale Ltd. The cover is bright yellow and very eye-catching so it should stand out on the book shelf and encourage readers to pick it up.

The launch is only a week away now. In fact by this time next week it will be all over.

If you live in Dorset it's all happening at Waterstones in Poole on Friday 2 August at 6pm.

I've accomplished the important bit, which was to buy a new dress for the occasion and the lovely Dee at Waterstones has ordered the books - which is even more important obviously!

Meanwhile, I have an interview slot on Solent Radio with the gorgeous Katie Martin at 3.30pm  on Tuesday 30 July, I'll be meeting Faith Eckersall from the Echo on Friday 9 August, and have an interview slot on Forest FM at 2.20 on Thursday 22 August. I'm not a big name - yet! - so I really appreciate these opportunities because the whole point of writing novels is for people to read them - and they won't do that if they don't get to hear about them!

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