Monday, 30 November 2015

NOT MY AFFAIR - Publication day!!!

Here it is at last – publication of NOT MY AFFAIR in hardback (e-book to follow).

And this is what it’s about - Just as Fay Ryan is about to break the news to her husband Jack that, at last they are about to become parents, he gives her a Christmas gift that is obviously intended for the mistress Fay knew nothing about – a mistress who is also Jack’s boss – but with the affair over Jack moves back home to take care of Fay. Odd things start happening. Complaints about Fay at work, a stolen item placed in her bag in a shop, dead flowers left on the doorstep, but it is only when Iona starts confronting Fay in person that they realise the woman has started a frightening campaign of harassment against Fay in her determination to win Jack back.

Author note: This novel is a slight change of direction for me in that there is an element of crime involved - though it is still the Contemporary Family Fiction that I am best known for.

I enjoyed writing NOT MY AFFAIR and I hope you enjoy reading it.

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