Tuesday, 21 April 2015

A Day In The Life Of Pamela Fudge


Author Pamela Fudge describes what a typical day at the office looks like for her

A typical writing day starts at around 7am when – the minute I open my eyes – Honey, the Pomeranian dog, and Ellie, my 20 year old cat, start clamouring to be fed. Then after a shower and breakfast, Honey is taken on the first walk of the day whatever the weather.

Any household chores (as few as I can get away with without appearing on How Clean Is Your House!) are taken care of. Then the writing day begins in earnest - usually at around 9am when I sit at my computer with a cup of tea.

Working on a new novel can be quite exciting because I don’t plot but start with a title, a basic idea, a few notes, and usually a couple of characters. I find that more interesting because I have very little idea of where the story will take me.

I might get a lot written or complete no more than a few paragraphs. The length of time I sit at my desk has no bearing on the number of words I produce. On the days when the number of words produced are few the reason may be that the story is developing slowly – which is fine - or the telephone has rung frequently or I might have had a visitor.

I know a lot of writers shut themselves away, but my family and friends mean everything to me and I will ALWAYS make time for them – even on a writing day – and, interruptions notwithstanding, I still manage to complete a book a year.

For more information about Pamela Fudge visit www.pamfudge.co.uk

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