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Review of IT'S IN THE CARDS by the Bookbag

It's In The Cards by Pamela Fudge

Ellen Carson was just slightly put out that her family arranged a surprise birthday party for her fortieth, but more annoyed that they wouldn't accept that she was quite happy being single and unattached. She had a successful career as a card designer, a home she loved and no intentions of getting into any long-term relationship. What did make her wonder was why her brothers and sisters were so keen to get her involved with any remotely eligible male when their own relationships were so dysfunctional. She had no interest in the two men from her past who have come back into her life - or the one who has been hovering round the edges more in hope than expectation.
I can never resist a Pam Fudge book. I'm sure she'll forgive me for saying that they're not great literature - because great literature is not always what you want. Sometimes you want to settle down with a good story that you know is going to deliver some great characters and a hefty feel-good factor and on those counts Pam Fudge is utterly reliable. I loved Ellen Carson - happy in her own skin and doing well what she wants to do most. It's brilliant to see a heroine who isn't worried that she's not married at forty or even in a relationship. It's not that she doesn't have relationships - just that she's not bothered about settling down. How great is that? And what a change from the usual heroine who sees her ultimate aim as having a man in her life.
Men, women - they all come off the page well and you can believe in them. You'll have a rough idea of where the story is going to go but you won't know if you got it right until you turn the final page. No peeping, please!
I'd like to thank the publishers for sending a copy of the book to the Bookbag.
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It's In The Cards byPamela Fudge
Reviewer: Sue Magee
Summary: Not 'great' literature but a warm and engaging read for when you want the literary equivalent of a cup of delicious cocoa.
Buy? Yes
Borrow? Yes
Pages: 224
Publisher: Robert Hale
External links: Author's website
ISBN: 978-0719813696
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