Friday, 27 June 2014

HIGH INFIDELITY - A loveable hero

As writers and/or readers often one thing – or several things - will make a book stand out and the story stay in your mind. For me it’s always the characters – or maybe one particular character. Maybe as writers we shouldn’t have a favourite among our own books – that’s almost as bad as favouring one of your children L but I have to admit to favouring one particular character in HIGH FIDELITY and that was the hero, Calum Stacey, and I have to admit to being in love with him as I wrote the book. J He was based on a literary agent I met once. He wasn’t particularly good-looking or charismatic, but – my word! – the women just fell at his feet. So, what if, I thought, my literary agent was completely charming, absolutely gorgeous and impossible for the heroine, Tina, to resist! The picture I used – I always use pictures – was of a very handsome soap star, but it wasn’t just his looks that made Calum special, it was the way he dealt with the secret that Tina had kept from him – the fact that she had a child as the result of their affair – when the truth finally came out. He was entitled to be angry – and he was very angry. However, in order to have a relationship with his teenage daughter he had to get along with the woman who had kept them apart – though whether he would ever forgive her was another matter.

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