Saturday, 6 October 2012

A very writerly time

I seem to have been doing a lot of lunches and other writers' events lately. 17th September I was at the SWWJ lunch just outside of Dorchester, a brilliant meeting and lunch at a beautiful manor house set miles from anywhere - or so it seemed. (All those narrow lanes with high hedges were a quite scary nightmare - especially when I met a tractor coming the other way!!).

I met the lovely Helen Summer - author of the fabulous Running Crazy - for coffee on 5th October. OMG, can we both talk - it's 'cos we're writers of course and have s-o-o-o much in common!!!

Today I've been to Fareham to the Dunford Writers' Day. Which was hard work but so much fun. What a bunch of talented authors - I was honoured to be included and so pleased with a very positive critique on the first chapter of my new book.

Now then, what's next on the calendar????

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